12 Ways To Subtract Calories From Your Weight Loss Dishes

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In addition to the choice of food, to subtract calories we must also take into account a number of aspects to avoid the anxiety to eat and thus not ruin the diet. Learn some tips in this article.

To lose weight is not necessary to live permanently by practicing a restrictive eating plan. It is enough to know which foods are healthy to give them priority. It is not necessary to exclude desserts. To achieve a good combination between them here we will tell you how to subtract calories from your meals.

Of course it is necessary to resort to the planning and organization of a balanced diet.

However, it is not about living with ties: diets are a tool that brings you benefits that you acquire day by day, until they become something organic and natural.

Remember that eating in a healthy way should be a way of life and not a penance. Therefore, you should not stop consuming the foods that you like the most, which are usually the ones that contribute the most calories.

There are ways to subtract calories from your dishes and add more nutrients. We explain it to you below.

12 tips to subtract calories and cook with more nutrients

Your goal is the following: that in each meal there are more nutrients than calories. In this way, your body will be optimized to fulfill its daily functions and the fat will disappear from your body little by little.

Likewise, you will have more energy to carry out all your activities and you will keep diseases away.

If you want to subtract calories you should follow these tips regarding the composition of the dishes:

1.Add more fresh vegetables and fruits

Add vegetables and fruits to your dishes, subtract calories and consume more nutrients

This is a great idea to fool your brain, because you will see more volume in the dishes. In addition, you will provide more fibers, minerals and vitamins. Of course, remember that with cooking these foods lose their properties.

2.Avoid frozen and precooked foods

We refer to industrialized products. From the beginning you should try to eliminate them because they are sources of bad fats, sodium and sugars that translate into many calories. Choose to cook at home: you will have richer and healthier dishes.

3.No frying

When frying the elements you subtract properties, vitamins and minerals and at the same time add calories with fats. Try cooking in the oven or steaming.

4.Take care of the amount of oils you use

Raw and pure oils are an excellent option, like olive oil. However, when you put it to cooking they become harmful. The oil can be used to flavor salads and dishes.

Remember that any fatty body should be consumed in moderation. However natural it may be, everything in excess hurts.

5.Decrease the amount of sugar

This should sound familiar to you. You already know that excess sugar hurts and translates into diseases. Then, change it for natural sweeteners like stevia. In this way, you can subtract calories and get very tasty dishes.

Now, to subtract calories you should also consider some tips in your general diet. With them you can organize your daily diet and ensure the supply of nutrients. They are the following:

6.Do 5 meals a day

The snacks should be light; with this you can control the quantities of the main meals, since you will not feel much appetite. Also, you will start eating in smaller portions. Do not avoid breakfast and ensure that dinner is minimal.

7.Organize the diet in balanced menus

For this it is good to follow the Mediterranean diet, with which you can choose natural and seasonal foods. Fruits and vegetables stand out and the best known ways of cooking are baked, steamed or grilled.

8.Do not be afraid of anything

You do not have to eliminate any food from your diet because with this decision you will only generate anxiety. Every once in a while he eats a dessert or that sweet that you miss so much. Maybe it contributes a lot of calories but, afterwards, you will have time to recover.

  • Do not deprive yourself of dinners with your friends, parties or office events. Even on those occasions you can opt for healthy meals.

9.The first dish is important

Choose healthy foods like vegetables, soups, purées, eggs or salads. The important thing is that they are dishes with low caloric density.

10.Choose white meats as a main course

Here you must avoid fats. That’s why it chooses meats like those of birds, turkey or white fish. Prepare them steamed or baked.

11.Fruits are a good choice for desserts

After controlling what you eat in the first and second courses, you should pay much more attention to the dessert. We know that you usually choose sweets, cakes, ice cream or custards, all of them rich in sugar. But that’s a bad decision if you’re not on your “allowed” day.

  • We recommend the fruits of seasons, as they will give dynamism to your diet. You can also choose skim milk products or natural juices.

12.Decrease bread intake

To subtract calories from your dishes, it is essential that you limit the consumption of bread. This is because it provides many carbohydrates that can be transformed into body fat. You can opt for the integrals, since they have a high level of fiber.

These have been 12 easy and simple advices. You see that it is only about becoming aware of food. Allow yourself the occasional dessert, but remember that the secret to subtract calories is to consume natural and healthy foods.

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